Man takes taxi from Copenhagen to Oslo, runs from fare

An inebriated man took a taxi in Copenhagen in 2017 and arrived in Oslo in 2018, but did not seem keen to pay the fare.

Man takes taxi from Copenhagen to Oslo, runs from fare
File photo: Jens Dresling/Polfoto/Ritzau

The man, upon arriving at his home in the Abildsø neighbourhood of the Norwegian capital, left the vehicle that had just transported him 600 kilometres through three Scandinavian countries without paying, reports broadcaster NRK.

Police received a report from a rather angry Danish taxi driver at around 1am on January 1st, according to the report.

“The driver saw the man had disappeared into the apartment. We were subsequently able to contact the man. He was sleeping in his own bed,” Oslo Police operation leader Vidar Pedersen told NRK.

The man, who is in his forties and does not have a criminal record, was quickly woken by police.

He then coughed up the money for the trip – around 18,000 Norwegian kroner (13,700 Danish kroner, 1,850 euros).

Long taxi trips of this nature are uncommon, Norwegian Taxi Association director Roar Refseth said to the broadcaster.

“It is important (for taxi drivers) to ensure payment upfront (for long journeys), either at the time of reservation or through card or cash payment,” said Refseth, who declined to comment on the individual case in question.

The Danish driver’s difficult start to 2018 did not immediately get better.

Oslo Police wrote on Twitter that his car had to be assisted by a recovery vehicle after its battery ran flat outside the erstwhile passenger’s residence. 

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