White Christmas in Denmark called off by meteorologists

White Christmas in Denmark called off by meteorologists
This Christmas scene from 2014 is unlikely to be repeated this year. Photo: Lasse Kofod/Polfoto/Scanpix
Snow is ‘very unlikely’ on the 24th of December, say meteorologists in Denmark.

Denmark’s Christmas in 2017 will in all probability not be white, said duty meteorologist Frank Nielsen with the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI).

Nielsen said that a white Christmas “probably isn’t going to happen”.

“Warm (air) and humidity will reach Denmark at the end of the week. So Christmas Eve will be cloudy, hazy and windy with temperatures between five to eight degrees (Celsius). Maybe as much as ten degrees,” Nielsen said.

Mild temperatures and a little sunshine will characterise the week leading up to Christmas.

“Monday will be mostly cloudy. There may be a little rain and sleet here and there, but nothing special. And up to three degrees,” Nielsen said.

“Tuesday morning might bring a little frost – especially in Jutland – and there may be a little sun later in the day. But the clouds will otherwise float slowly across the country and it will be grey,” he continued.

From Wednesday onwards it will feel a little warmer.

“The temperature will increase on Tuesday night, and [on Wednesday] we will get five to seven degrees. Wednesday will then be grey and hazy with a little rain. So the weather will be drab with a southwesterly wind,” Nielsen said.

A mixture of sun and showers is expected on Thursday and Friday.

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