Black Friday 2017 was Denmark’s ‘biggest ever shopping day’

Black Friday further established its spot as Denmark’s most important consumer event, with 2017's edition setting record sales for the year.

Black Friday 2017 was Denmark’s 'biggest ever shopping day'
File photo: Rune Aarestrup/Polfoto/Ritzau

Close to 2.1 billion kroner (282 million euros) were spent as the American shopping tradition continued to cement its place on the Danish calendar, according to an analysis carried out by payment service provider Nets and reported by TV2.

Those figures make Friday November 24th 2017 the biggest shopping day of all time in Denmark, eclipsing the total reached on last year’s Black Friday by 5.6 percent.

“It is impressive. Our assessment is that many of the payments made in shops were contactless, since there was so much crowding and queuing at cash registers,” Jeppe Juul-Andersen, head of Nets Denmark, said in a press statement.

Black Friday was also a big day for Danish smart phone payment app Mobile Pay.

Payments made using the app increased by 270 percent on Black Friday 2016, reports TV2.

“The fast and easy payment form has made a breakthrough, we believe,” Mobile Pay’s head communications officer Peter Kjærgaard told the broadcaster.

Year-on-year increases in Black Friday spending since its introduction to Danish consumers in 2013 has made the tradition as firm a part of Danish culture as fellow American import Halloween, says the Danish Chamber of Commerce (Dansk Erhverv).

“Black Friday has gained a foothold with Danish consumers. Just a few years ago, the phenomenon was not particularly well known in Denmark, but Black Friday is now a special day for many Danes and for the retail industry,” Danish Chamber of Commerce political consultant Tine Marie Andersen told Ritzau.

Figures published by online savings portal CupoNation show that a large proportion of Danish Black Friday shoppers waited until the dying hours of the day to make their purchases.

26 percent of Black Friday shoppers spent kroner in the last four hours of the day, according to the figures.

Graphic: CupoNation

Graphic: CupoNation

Additionally, CupoNation found that the average value spent by an individual reached 788 kroner (106 euros) per person on Black Friday, a significant increase from the previous week’s 617 kroner (83 euros).

Graphic: CupoNation

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