Rain, sun and freezing temperatures forecast as December begins

Rain, sun and freezing temperatures forecast as December begins
File photo: Jens Dresling/Polfoto/Ritzau
Plenty of rain is forecast for the first half of this week, before the sunshine breaks through as December arrives.

A number of crisp sunny days could replace this week’s wet weather once December takes over from November, according to Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) forecasts.

But wet weather can be expected at the start of the week, DMI’s duty meteorologist Bolette Brødsgaard told Ritzau.

“It will be a wet Monday for the whole country. During the morning the rain will come in over Jutland, then it will move across the country,” Brødsgaard said.

“A number of showers will then follow due to a low pressure area coming in over the country,” she continued.

Temperatures on Monday will be mild at around 8°C before getting colder.

“The low pressure that will arrive on Monday will also bring a lot of cold air with it all the way from the Norwegian Sea,” Brødsgaard said to Ritzau.

“During the course of Tuesday, the whole country will be cooled down, and we will have temperatures below freezing during the night going into Wednesday. Locally, temperatures could fall to as much as seven degrees below zero in Jutland,” the meteorologist continued.

Sub-zero temperatures will primarily be at night, she added.

“People should be prepared to use winter tyres and also to take care of their plants in the garden,” she said.

The end of the week will also be cold, but December could see a pretty start with clear skies, according to the DMI meteorologist.

“We could end with some nice days at the end of the week. Nice weather to be out in, with a good chance of sun on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,” she said.

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