46 rabbits discovered in Danish apartment

Animal welfare volunteers made a less-than-fluffy discovery in an apartment in Denmark last week when they found 46 rabbits.

46 rabbits discovered in Danish apartment
Photo: simply/Depositphotos

Many of the rabbits had been mauled by the others in the apartment, reports TV2.

The rabbits were found running freely around a one-room apartment on November 16th, according to the report.

They were not suitable for living together and many had bitten each other, said the Dyrenes Beskyttelse (Animal Protection) organisation.

The charity was made aware of the overcrowded rabbit apartment by a report registered on the 1812 animal welfare emergency number.

The animals were removed from the apartment and brought to an animal shelter in Roskilde, writes TV2.

“An unusually high number of rabbits are involved. This is a serious case in which the rabbits’ needs were far from being met. Many of the rabbits have been unwell for some time, and some had been savaged,” animal protection director Henrik Bucholdtz of Dyrenes Beskyttelse told TV2.

Many of the animals were treated by veterinarians at the shelter and six were put down due to their injuries.

Staff and volunteers at the shelter are now working hard to help the remaining rabbits recover so that new homes can be found for them, according to the report.

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