Falling temperatures to send cold weekend to Denmark

Falling temperatures to send cold weekend to Denmark
File photo: Jens Dige/Polfoto/Ritzau
Temperatures in Denmark are set to fall over the next three days, bringing a distinctly wintery feel to the weekend.

Cloudy weather and sleet are also forecast by the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), despite a relatively sunny start to Friday in the eastern part of Denmark.

“Friday will be the warmest day. Here we will get a little or some sun over most of the country. But there will be a few localised showers, particularly in Jutland,” said DMI’s duty meteorologist Dan Nilsvall.

Temperatures will be between 7-10°C on Friday, and will drop further on Saturday.

Coastal areas will be further chilled by strong winds.

“Saturday will bring showers all over the country. There may be a little sun, but not a lot. It will also be windy with firm to strong winds at the coasts reaching gale force in some places,” Nilsvall said.

Temperatures will not reach above 7°C on Saturday.

“We’re getting closer to winter, so it’s not atypical. It will be exciting to see what happens after the weekend. Perhaps the cold will stay put. I wouldn’t rule out a short visit from some snow late on Sunday or early Monday,” the meteorologist continued.

Though a small amount of sunshine is possible in Jutland on Sunday, sleet is also forecast in the northern part of the peninsula towards the end of the day.

Sunday will also be the coldest day of the weekend, with daytime temperatures down to between 2-6°C and as cold as -5°C during the night.

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