Gas pistols fired in Copenhagen department store robbery

Gas pistols fired in Copenhagen department store robbery
Photo: Henriette Dæhli/Polfoto/Ritzau
Copenhagen Police are looking for three men after an armed robbery in the exclusive Illum department store in Copenhagen on Monday afternoon.

A weapon, thought to be a gas pistol, was fired during the incident, according to police deputy inspector Brian Belling.

Police have posted images from the robbery on social media in an attempt to identify the robbers.

The images show three men who are possibly wearing disguises in the form of masks, wigs, hats, glasses and beards.

Witnesses said that the men spoke to each other in a foreign language, reports Ritzau.

“We are looking for three presumably foreign men, but cannot yet say anything certain about identity. They could be Eastern Europeans or South Americans,” Belling said.

The three robbers entered the store shortly before 12pm on Monday.

They made threats using a pistol and were able to escape with some watches. The exact amount taken is currently unconfirmed.

The pistol, thought to be a gas pistol was fired inside the store during the robbery, and again as the three escaped through nearby streets.

No injuries were reported.

Police believe an accomplice to have been waiting to in a car on the nearby Antonigade street, to which the robbers fled along the Pilestræde and Strøget thoroughfares.

The car in question was a grey Audi 80 that was stolen in central Copenhagen on Sunday.

Police carried out forensic investigation in the store on Monday afternoon, and have also spoken to witnesses and studied security footage.

Possible witnesses are encouraged to contact police on the 114 telephone number.

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