Nørrebro residents ‘living in fear’ after one killed, two wounded in shooting

People living in Copenhagen’s Nørrebro district fear an escalation in gang shootings after the latest incident on Tuesday resulted in a fatality.

Nørrebro residents 'living in fear' after one killed, two wounded in shooting
Photo: Jens Dresling/Polfoto/Ritzau

The troubled neighbourhood’s streets were again illuminated by blue flashing lights on Tuesday evening.

Police responded to an emergency report at 7:16pm from a person who had heard shots.

On arriving at the scene of the shooting on the Tagensvej road, police found three people who had been hit by shots.

One of the victims was dead by the time police arrived.

The episode has sparked fear amongst local residents that a further escalation of the ongoing gang conflict will follow the fatal shooting, according to Terje Bech, a Nørrebro resident and organiser of a demonstration against the violence.

“What we are seeing now looks like the beginning of an escalation. Where there were more diffuse shootings at the start of the summer, it seems to be a lot more targeted now, where they are shooting to kill,” Bech said.

The community organiser said he feared the violence could now spiral, leading to more deaths.

“We are obviously also concerned that when one side does this to the other side, it almost screams out for revenge,” he said.

Bech said that he was calling for Nørrebro residents to meet at 5pm on Wednesday at Tagensvej 135, close to the location of Tuesday’s incident, in a show of solidarity.

Though he does not believe the demonstration will prevent further shootings, he believes it can offer a form of support for local people who have witnessed the shootings.

“It is important that Nørrebro stands with the residents who are living with danger just outside their door.

“We have to turn out and show that we won’t accept it, and to provide the opportunity to talk about what happened. We want calm and safety back in our streets,” he said.

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Domestic helper suspected of stealing valuables and cash from older adults in Copenhagen

A 31-year-old female domestic helper is suspected of having stolen cash and jewellery from elderly citizens and withdrawn money from their Dankorts in the amount of over 50,000 kroner.

Domestic helper suspected of stealing valuables and cash from older adults in Copenhagen

The woman was arrested on Saturday and charged with theft and information fraud. There are ten victims in the case.

The police suspect the woman of having stolen from citizens whose homes she has visited as part of her work as a domestic worker in various places in Copenhagen.

“She has worked as a domestic helper and has been in people’s homes as an employee,” Bjarke Dalsgaard, deputy police inspector at Copenhagen police, said.

According to the police, the woman has stolen jewellery and cash on ten occasions. In addition, she has stolen debit cards in four cases and withdrawn money using them. The money that has been withdrawn alone adds up to a value of 52,000 kroner.

Copenhagen police received the first report of theft in the case at the beginning of 2022.

According to the police, the 31-year-old domestic helper admitted to one instance of crime (the theft of around 400 kroner) but pleaded not guilty regarding the remaining 13.