Two receive light injuries in ‘gang-related’ Copenhagen shooting

Two receive light injuries in 'gang-related' Copenhagen shooting
Photo: Kenneth Meyer/Polfoto/Ritzau
A shooting that took place in Copenhagen’s Northwest neighbourhood on Tuesday night is related to gang activity, Copenhagen Police believe.

Two men, aged 22 and 24, received minor injuries during the shooting, during which unknown individuals fired shots at a car in which the two men were travelling.

Central investigation leader Rene Jensen of Copenhagen police confirmed late on Tuesday that “some people” were being treated at the Herlev Hospital for injuries related to the incident.

They were brought to the hospital in a car which appeared to have been damaged by the shooting, police said.

“There was probably more than one car involved. It is our assessment that the two individuals were in a car driving around in the area [in which the shooting occurred].

“So it is probable – with emphasis on probable – that a car came from beside them or from behind, after which shots were fired towards the car in which the individuals in question were sitting,” said deputy chief inspector of Copenhagen Police's organised crime unit Torben Svarrer.

Police received an alert at 9:11 pm on Tuesday from a resident who had heard shots on the Emdrupvej road.

Police believe the shooting to be connected to Copenhagen’s ongoing organised crime conflict, which has plagued the city’s Nørrebro, Mjølnerparken and nearby neighbourhoods since the beginning of the summer.

“That is due to the cast of individuals we have met in connection with [the incident],” Svarrer said.

A prior gang-related violent incident was also reported on Monday, when a 24-year.old was assaulted on the Tagensvej road. The victim was hit, kicked and stabbed during that incident. Three people were subsequently arrested and remanded in custody for four weeks for attempted murder.

“I think we should be cautious about calling this an escalation, but it is clear and we are aware that there have been several incidences over a short period of time.

“As such, we observe this with great concern,” Svarrer said.

Police have so far not apprehended suspects in connection with Tuesday’s shooting.

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