Unusually warm weather to Denmark this weekend

Unusually warm weather to Denmark this weekend
Photo: Iris/Scanpix
A period of unusually warm and dry weather for the time of year looks likely to reach Denmark over the coming days.

Danes with autumn time off this weekend can feel free to plan outdoor activities, should current weather reports hold.

After a wet and windy end to the working week, a series of unusually dry and warm days will grace the much of the country – perhaps partly making amends for an under-par summer.

Temperatures will reach up to 18-19°C (64-66°F) – considerably higher than the norm for the time of year, reports broadcaster TV2.

Average temperatures in Denmark in mid-October are around 12-13°C (54-55°F).

The Danish Meteorological Institute tweeted that the forecast for the coming October weather was “so wonderful, our meteorologist was afraid to release it.”

A warm front leading to a warm southwesterly wind can be thanked for the unseasonably good temperatures.

A relatively cloudy Saturday will clear up with dry wind from the southwest and temperatures of 15-18°C on Sunday, according to TV2’s report.

Latest forecasts suggest that Monday will bring the best weather of all, with sun and up to 19°C.

Showery weather will eventually replace the drier days later next week.

The warm autumn weather is partly the result of a low pressure area, formed by the remnants of tropical Hurricane Nate, TV2 reports.

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