Danish windmills set all-time record for lowest single day production

Denmark’s booming wind industry has set a number of impressive records in recent years.

Danish windmills set all-time record for lowest single day production
Wind turbines near Copenhagen. Photo: Shutterstock/Iris
From wind turbines accounting for the highest proportion of domestic electricity use ever produced in any country, to having the first windmill to ever pass the 100 million kwh mark or setting a record for the lowest price on wind power, Denmark’s windmills have often been the envy of the world. 
But last week, the nation’s fleet of windmills set a record of another kind. Broadcaster DR reported on Monday that final figures have revealed that September 18th was the least productive day in the history of the Danish wind industry.  
For several hours that day, the 6,000-plus wind turbines throughout Denmark sat still and produced no energy. 
“It was a record in no wind, if you can put it like that,” Stine Leth Rasmussen of the Danish Energy Association (Dansk Energi) told DR P4 Midt & Vest. 
“We have experienced something similar but never before for so long,” she added. 
For over three hours, the country’s windmills combined to produce less than 10 megawatts of power. During some stretches the output was null. 
Rasmussen said that the record-still day highlights the importance of expanding Denmark’s energy exchanges with neighbouring countries.