‘Tie down garden furniture and trampolines’: Police warn of storms in Denmark

'Tie down garden furniture and trampolines': Police warn of storms in Denmark
Photo: Iris/Scanpix
Heavy winds with gale force gusts are predicted to hit Denmark on Wednesday.

The first strong winds of the autumn are set to strike Denmark on Wednesday afternoon.

“The wind around midday will turn towards the southwest and increase to between hard and gale levels with storm-level gusts, up to strong storms in some places,” the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) wrote in the latest forecast on its website.

Police in several areas have issued warnings to residents based on the heavy weather forecasts.

“When the weather looks like baring its teeth, be sure to fix garden furniture, trampolines and anything else that can fly,” South East Jutland Police wrote on Twitter.

Heavy recent rain also means that wet earth has a weaker grip on tree roots than normal, according to DMI.

“The wind can cause large branches to fall and trees to topple. A walk in the forest is not necessarily a good idea,” South Jutland Police wrote on Twitter.

Boat owners are also advised to secure ropes.

Southern Denmark is most at risk of damage to trees during the potential storm.

Water levels in the Wadden Sea, and near Esbjerg is expected to increase considerably, reports newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

DMI also warns on its website of the risk of “roof tiles blowing off, large branches breaking, and trees falling and blocking train and road routes”.

Closure of bridges is also likely.

After a wet and windy Wednesday, Denmark can look forward to a “relatively fine” weekend, according to DMI’s report.

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