‘Just because you can play Wonderwall, doesn’t mean you should’: Danish police

'Just because you can play Wonderwall, doesn’t mean you should': Danish police
Photo: freschwill/Flickr
A police patrol in Aalborg sent a busker home to practice after telling him that “just because you can play Wonderwall, it doesn’t mean you should.”

A guitarist in Aalborg was sent home to practice after he reportedly played a “bad and loud” version of the song ‘Wonderwall’ by English rock band Oasis.

Officers from North Jutland Police saw the guitarist playing in front the 7-Eleven store on the Bispensgade street in the northern city last week.

The would-be musician rolled with “a loud, bad and noisy” version of the popular song, according to a press statement issued by police.

He was told by police not to 'be here now', but rather to go home and practice since “he didn’t sound at all like Liam Gallagher,” according to the statement.

Oasis' iconic rock anthem was released in 1995 and topped charts in Australia, New Zealand and Spain and reached number 5 in the UK chart.

In the years since, the tune has been covered on numerous occasions by amateur singers as well as professional artists including Mike Flowers Pops and Ryan Adams. 

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Gallagher confessed, “I don't even know how to play it on guitar, there's the joke. I seriously don't know how to play it. My kid knows how to play it… but I seriously do not know how to play it on guitar.”

Aalborg's police officers simply told the busker that “just because you can play Wonderwall, doesn’t mean you should.”

Though some might say the police reprimand may have been humiliating, reports the Britpop fan looked back in anger as he left the scene remain unconfirmed.

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