Take a virtual trip to iconic Aarhus open air museum

It’s not quite the real thing, but a new online tour of iconic open air museum The Old Town (Den Gamle By) in Aarhus makes it possible to virtually experience three epochs of Danish history.

Take a virtual trip to iconic Aarhus open air museum
Photo: Iris/Scanpix

The interactive tour, developed for travel company Expedia, takes in 23 of the museum’s houses and homes.

The virtual tour will take you past the 18th century baker, the Mayor’s house and the ornate pharmacy, which once sold the powdered remains of mummies to cure stomach pain.

The Mayor's house, built in Aarhus in 1597 and was rebuilt in The Old Town in 1915, can also be visited virtually. 

The virtual tour also includes the recently-built 1920s section of the museum, passing a hardware shop and fashion store as well as Schous Sæbehus – a retail giant in 1920s Denmark.

Virtual visitors can also take in a classic 1970s commune or kollektiv. The Old Town’s representation of this quintessential part of modern Danish culture is based closely on real people who lived together in a kollektiv in the 1970s and later told their stories to the museum.

How Does the Virtual Tour Work? 

  • You can embark on a chronological journey by starting the virtual tour and clicking ‘Next’. By doing so you will visit all houses, images and info boxes in the tour. 
  • The more adventurous can create their own bespoke virtual tour by selecting specific houses from the menu bar on the right side of the screen. You can use the arrows in the streets as well to navigate.

Click on the image below to try the virtual tour

Want to see The Old Town in real life? Click here to be taken directly to the museum’s website.