‘Car of the future’ to be tested in Denmark

'Car of the future' to be tested in Denmark
Honda Clarity. Photo: Foto-VDW/Depositphotos
Japanese car maker Honda has chosen Denmark as the global test country for its new hydrogen-fuelled cars.

Five families across the country will be given test versions of the cars during the next few months, reports MetroXpress.

Honda hopes that hydrogen-powered cars, along with electric and hybrid models, will form two thirds of its production by 2020, according to the report, phasing out petrol and diesel engines.

Hydrogen-powered cars are currently only available in the United States and Japan.

“The Japanese car maker Honda has chosen Denmark as a global test country for its new hydrogen car, the Honda Clarity, because Denmark is a world leader when it comes to sustainable energy and the environment,” Honda Denmark’s head press officer Thomas Larsen told MetroXpress.

The 11 hydrogen fuel stations currently located in the country also make it a good choice for the trial, Larsen added.

Denmark’s minister for climate Lars Christian Lilleholt told the MetroXpress newspaper that price and accessibility of the cars would be crucial in determining whether they become a success on the Danish market.

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“The price and ease of refuelling the car are crucial. The current price of a hydrogen car would make it difficult for some people… But technological advances make prices better and better. I can certainly see perspectives with hydrogen,” Lilleholt said.

Although it is not yet available on the Danish market, Honda’s hydrogen car currently costs around 500,000 kroner ($75,000) in Japan and the United States. 

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