VIDEO: Festivalgoers praise ‘forward-thinking’, organic Northside

VIDEO: Festivalgoers praise 'forward-thinking', organic Northside
Photo: Jonatan Nothlev/Northside
The Local spoke to festivalgoers at the Northside festival in Aarhus about organic food, sustainability and, of course, music.

Several people at the festival, which sells only organic food, told The Local that the focus on organic produce was a key aspect of their festival experience.

“It’s incredibly important to create focus on it in today’s society when we have a lot of plastic and things being sprayed with all sorts of good stuff,” said Sophie Ingeborg Gade, one of hundreds of volunteers enlisted by Northside to collect and sort tonnes of recyclable rubbish at the three-day event.

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The festival's organisers announced earlier this year plans to become fully powered by sustainable energy, replacing diesel generators with wind and solar cells by 2020. 

“It maybe requires a bit more planning, a bit more forethought, but it’s not totally unachievable, so it’s really nice to come and be a part of something that is a bit forward-thinking,” said Canadian Ryan Kennedy, a branding executive who lives in Aarhus.

International and Scandinavian acts including Frank Ocean, Veronica Maggio, MØ, James Blake, Richard Ashcroft and The Prodigy all appeared on Northside's 37-concert programme.

British indie giants Radiohead are scheduled to close the festival on Sunday evening.

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