Copenhagen to open English-language daycare

Two daycare centres for children of international workers will be opened in Copenhagen, the city’s municipality has announced.

Copenhagen to open English-language daycare
Photo: Iris/Scanpix

Nursery rhymes and story time will be in English in parts of the Børnebyen Vandværket and Bavnehøj daycare institutions from now on, reports DR P4 København.

The Danish capital's international workers are the target group for the new English-language daycare, Pia Allerslev, head of the Copenhagen Municipality’s department for children and youth, told DR P4.

“Many of them want to participate in our good system in regard to daycare. But their children must feel comfortable at centres where English is spoken,” she said.

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Linda Duncan Wendelboe, head of the Confederation of Danish Industry’s Global Talent unit, gave her support to the international daycare initiative.

“More and more international colleagues are coming to Denmark to work for Danish companies. And they are coming with their families, which is creating a greater and greater demand for English-language daycare,” she told DR P4.

Wendelboe praised Copenhagen Municipality for offering an alternative to private daycare for international families.

“When foreign professionals come here, there are very different salary levels. So different price levels are therefore necessary,” she said.

The English-language daycare centres can be attended by children between the ages of 0-6 years whose parents are expats and expect to leave Denmark again within a certain number of years, according to DR P4 København’s report.

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