Twisters, lightning and giant hail in Danish summer storm

Twisters, lightning and giant hail in Danish summer storm
Photo: Michael Drost-Hansen/Scanpix
Large parts of Denmark were hit by violent storms Tuesday evening, with downpours across the country, gale force winds, hail and thousands of lightning bolts.

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In West Jutland, the old cliché of lightning never striking twice in the same place was defied as houses on the same street were hit by no fewer than four different lightning strikes.

Two houses on the Torsbækvej street, between the villages of Søndre Felding and Hoven, caught fire after lightning struck four times.

Duty officer Carsten Henriksen of Mid and West Jutland police told local news media TV Midtvest that the repeated lightning strikes were a rare occurrence.

“Nobody is in danger, but the fire has spread to the roof of one of the houses,” Henriksen said.

The Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), which issued a warning during the storms, posted later on Tuesday a map of all the locations of recorded lightning strikes across Denmark.


The storm moved west across the country during the course of the afternoon, bringing with it gale force winds, and hailstones up to 3.5mm in diameter- the largest of their kind recorded in Denmark in two years, according to a report by TV2.


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Meanwhile, a driver in south Jutland recorded a tornado from his car – also an extremely rare sight in Denmark.

Tornadoes only form in Denmark during heavy storms and are different from the much more powerful versions seen in the United States.

The video, which was posted to TV2 Weather’s Facebook page, shows the Danish twister dissipating in a field near the car.

Tornado ved bedsted. Desværre under opløsning da optagelsen blev startet. Stor og flot søjle 20 sekunder før, da den krydsede vejen. 50-100m bred.

Posted by Rasmus Albertsen on Tuesday, 6 June 2017

“There was a beautiful column 20 seconds before [the recording starts], as it passed across the road,” wrote Rasmus Albertsen, who posted the video.

Wednesday’s weather is expected to be rainy and windy, possibly with localised thunder, according to a forecast on DMI's website. 

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