Copenhagen cyclists get traffic info screens

Cyclists in Copenhagen will now be able to pick up information about two-wheeled traffic jams en route through the Danish capital.

Copenhagen cyclists get traffic info screens
Photo: Iris/Scanpix

Roadwork, events, distance to destinations and safety tips will all be included on five new message screens to be installed alongside cycle lanes in Copenhagen, reports broadcaster DR.

The innovative project, which will give cyclists information on alternative routes to avoid congestion with other two-wheeled commuters, is the first of its kind in the world, according to the report.

“More accessibility is needed for the increasing number of cyclists that unfortunately are fighting for space on cycle lanes,” the head of the city municipality’s technology and environment department, Morten Kabell, told DR.

“The new information screens give cyclists the opportunity to choose the most traffic-free routes through town,” he said.

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Niels Agerholm, a traffic researcher at Aalborg University, told the broadcaster that the concept for the information screens was backed up by practical necessity.

“It makes a difference. If there is a way through somewhere, then a screen of this kind could get people to change direction,” he said.

“And you have to say that, with the amount of cyclists that are in Copenhagen now, we have a congestion problem,” Agerholm continued.

The information boards, which will be located on the Nørrebrogade, Gyldenløvesgade, Amagerbrogade, Vermlandsgade and Amagerfælledvej streets, cost 4.2 million kroner ($630,000) to develop and produce and were paid for by EU funding, according to the report.

The first screen, on Nørrebrogade, is already in place with the remaining four on the way.