Autumnal weather to Denmark for start of June

Autumnal weather to Denmark for start of June
Photo: marcogarrincha/Depositphotos
The beginning of June will be colder and less sunny then the end of May.

After a glorious spell of warm temperatures and sunshine, this week will see a downturn in the summer weather with cooler, overcast skies set to return.

Wednesday in particular is likely to be cold and windy, says the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI).

“Wednesday will certainly be autumnal with winds and gales in North Jutland,” duty meteorologist Dan Nilsvall of DMI told newspaper Politiken.

Monday’s weather, with cooler, greyer skies across the country after a warm and sunny weekend, foreshadows the conditions for the rest of the week, according to DMI, although some sunny spells are expect during the afternoon.

Some rain is expected from the southwest during the evening.

“Locally we will see some thunder in the south and south eastern parts of the country, temperatures will be between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius [59-68°F], and it will be coldest towards the southwest,” Nilsvall told Politiken.

Tuesday will see mixed weather with showers although temperatures could still reach as high as 20-25°C (68-77°F).

But strong winds and cooler temperatures of around 15°C will make Wednesday feel like an autumn day, says the report.

Wind speeds in northern Jutland could reach as much as 15 metres per second, said Nilsvall.

Thursday and Friday will see sunshine before a front reaches the country from the west, bringing with it a cold weekend.

Nilsvall said that he believed summer weather would return deeper into June.

“We’ve just had a fantastic weekend with fantastic warm temperature. The heat will come back, but let’s hope the rest of June will be better than the start,” he said.