Warm temperatures, light evenings on way to Denmark

Warm temperatures, light evenings on way to Denmark
Photo: Torben Christensen/Scanpix
It looks like spring has arrived – next week will see warm weather along with the return of lighter evenings.

The end of March and beginning of April are likely to bring fair spring weather to Denmark.

Less rain and higher temperatures than normal can be expected over the coming weeks as stabile high pressure ensures a sunny start to spring, reports the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI).

Clocks go forward to Danish summer time on Saturday night, meaning it will not get dark until nearly 8pm.

But the warmer weather and longer days will not mean constant sunshine, says DMI meteorologist Steen Hermansen.

“The price for the warmer weather is a few more clouds periodically. But this will hardly spoil the overall good feeling,” said Hermansen in a report on DMI’s website.

The meteorologist said that cool air that had been arriving over the country from the west will be replaced by high pressure.

“Gradually a warm front will build up from northern Germany over Poland to the Baltic. That will create a lot of space for the sun in many places with temperatures typically between five and ten degrees celsius (41-50°F),” he said.

Even warmer air will arrive from the west on Sunday, and Hermansen expects extensive high pressure from the North Sea to the continent to establish itself during next week.

“Very mild Atlantic air is flowing towards us. This means a fair amount of cloud or fog during the night and morning. However, daytime will bring a good chance of sun, especially away from coasts with onshore winds. And when the sun takes over, daytime temperatures can climb as high as a comfortable 15°C (59°F),” Hermansen said.