Danish chef launches shared economy dining app

A new shared economy dining app has the potential to revolutionise the way cuisine and travel interact, says its founder, Copenhagen chef Frank Lantz.

Danish chef launches shared economy dining app
Photo: TastePlease

The social media platform, TastePlease, is launched today in Copenhagen – but it’s not just Nordic cuisine that is set for some international sharing.

Operating through a website and app in 14 languages, the new platform aims to help foodies in 190 different countries to experience each other’s national cuisines and home cooking through online connection.

The company says that its new platforms aim to help people use “modern technology to socialize the old-fashioned way.”

Users will be able to create their own dining profiles, attend events, host their own meals and invite others –  sharing their passion for food and “eating like the locals” in the same way Airbnb users live like locals, according to the company’s press release.

Photo: TastePlease

The makers of the app hope to enrich experiences for visitors as well as locals in some of the world’s most flavoursome foodie cities – not just through dining but through the social experience the platform will make accessible, says Frank Lantz, an award-winning Copenhagen chef and former restaurant owner who came up with the idea for the app.

“It was inspired by a mix of travel and other shared economy apps like Airbnb. People like to meet new people when they are travelling – when you go to a restaurant you know nobody,” Lantz told The Local.

The chef and entrepreneur said that the dining platform would give users the flexibility to share their own cooking passions with others while also trying new things by attending other events.

“It’s quite easy. You can choose to be the guest or to host, can choose a payment, create an event with a particular theme, choose price, time and location, create as much as you like,” he said.

Lantz said that, despite his background as a restaurant owner, some of his best dining experiences have been in private homes – and that venturing out of the comfort zone of restaurants by using the app was a way to revolutionise the experience of dining out.

“The potential for this is huge. At the moment it is easy to book a flight, book a home anywhere in the world with an app. If you want, now you can eat local and meet locals.

“I would like to go to other countries and try authentic food and meet the people. It’s not enough to just have friends abroad on Facebook – this is the real thing,” he said.