Ewww! Why you might want to think twice about sailing between Denmark and Norway

Norwegian broadcaster TV2 has checked the cleanliness of three popular ferry services between Denmark and Norway and the results were, well, gross.

Ewww! Why you might want to think twice about sailing between Denmark and Norway
Three ferries that sail between Denmark and Norway, including the Stena Saga, appear to have rather questionable hygiene practices. Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix
The broadcaster carried out checks on three ferry lines that sail in and out of Oslo – Stena Saga, DFDS Crown Seaways and Color Fantasy. 
What it found is that when you check into a room on one of the ferries, you’re likely to – quite literally – find traces of the previous occupants. TV2’s crew found semen, blood stains, hairs, boogers and food crumbs in some of the ferry rooms. 
On both Stena Saga and Crown Seaways, semen was on the walls above guests’ beds. 
“That’s not the way it should be,” Stena Line communications manager Jesper Waltersson told TV2 Norge. 
Stena Saga appeared to be the worst offender, with the broadcast crew finding a large number of stains and mildewed mattresses that could make guests sick. The ferry operator said it is taking the findings very seriously and claimed to have already planned to get new mattresses before the TV2 investigation. 
Aboard Crown Seaways, TV2 found what it described as “a gel-like clump” that turned out to be a rather large booger in one of the beds. 
In the ten rooms that TV2 checked on the three ferries, the crew used the so-called ATP test to measure the presence of microorganisms on the room’s surfaces. Aboard all three ferry operators, they found levels much higher than what qualifies as ‘clean’. Aboard the Stena Saga, the microorganism level was a full 200 times higher than what is recommended. 
Following TV2’s revelations, both Stena Saga and Crown Seaways vowed to review their cleaning protocols and bring in expert help to improve hygiene levels. 
Color Fantasy was the cleanest ferry in the test but operator Color Line said it would purchase ATP kits as a result of TV2’s investigation.
TV2 Norge's report can be viewed here

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Diesel-powered Danish ferry refuelled with 6,000 litres of gasoline

Two ferry departures bound for the Danish island of Samsø were cancelled while gasoline was pumped out of the vessel’s diesel tank due to a refuelling error.

Diesel-powered Danish ferry refuelled with 6,000 litres of gasoline
The Samsø Ferry. File photo: News Øresund - Johan Wessman/Flickr

A situation many motorists have cursed over the years also became reality for operators of a Danish ferry on Tuesday.

A wrong button pressed the driver of a fuel tanker resulted in thousands of litres of gasoline being poured into the diesel-driven Samsø Ferry at the harbour in the town of Hou, reports DR Østjylland.

Two departures were subsequently cancelled while 48,000 litres of fuel – 42,000 litres of diesel plus 6,000 litres of gasoline – were pumped out of the ship’s fuel tank.

The embarrassed driver of the fuel truck alerted the ferry’s crew to the error, Carsten Kruse, director of ferry operator Samsø Rederi, told DR Østjylland.

“If it had got into the system and into the engine, it would have been really bad. The engine is not designed to sail on petrol, only natural gas and diesel. So it is very, very good that the petrol didn’t get into other places,” Kruse said.

The fuel supplier will cover losses sustained by the ferry operator as a result of the blunder, according to the report.

The ferry serving the island of Samsø – a community that prides itself on its use of sustainable energy – uses primarily natural gas, but also runs on ten percent diesel, mainly during harbour manoeuvres, writes DR Østjylland.

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