Polar bear to switch Danish zoos after ‘divorce’

Poor Ivan the polar bear. His female partner Noel had lost all interest in him, leading to lonely and sad times at the Copenhagen Zoo.

Polar bear to switch Danish zoos after ‘divorce’
A new home and a new female partner await Ivan. Photo: Zoologisk Have København
For months, it was obvious that the two were no longer getting along and couldn’t make their relationship work. 
Now they’ll part ways in a polar bear divorce of sorts, TV2 Østjylland reported.
Ivan will be relocated from the Copenhagen Zoo to the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Djursland, where he’ll join the park’s other polar bears in the 26,000 sqm enclosure. 
Copenhagen Zoo spokesman Bengt Holst told broadcaster DR that the move is for the best for both bears. 
“Our polar bears don’t match socially. They simply don’t like each other in particular our female bear tries to avoid the male. And that’s a problem. She often swims back and forth in the enclosure because she is stressed,” he said back in October when zoo visitors began to comment on the obvious unhappiness of the bears. 
Frank Vigh-Larsen, the CEO of the Scandinavian Wildlife Park, said he looks forward to welcoming Ivan with open arms when he arrives as early as next week.
“He is not thriving in Copenhagen and he has visited us before and enjoyed it. So I’m sure that it will go well,” he told TV2 Østjylland. 
Awaiting Ivan will be four-year-old female Nuno, who will become sexually mature this year. 

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