Will it be a White Christmas in Denmark?

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Would you settle for grey?

Will it be a White Christmas in Denmark?
Look on the bright side, at least you won't face this. Photo: Iris
The Danish Meteorology Institute (DMI) has some disappointing news for those hoping to spend part of their Christmas weekend building a snowman or sledding down the nearest hill. 
DMI’s Christmas forecast calls for plenty of precipitation, but unfortunately it will fall in the form of rain. 
Weekend temperatures are predicted to remain above the freezing point so rather than a white Christmas, Denmark is likely looking at one that will be grey, wet and windy.
On Christmas Eve, DMI calls for highs of up to 8C and rain showers. By the time Santa begins delivering presents, however, the rain is likely to have mostly cleared up. However, his reindeer-driven sleigh will then have to contend with strong winds, particularly on the coasts. 
Although its six-day forecast released on Monday does not include Christmas Day, DMI said that Sunday’s weather will be “unstable and quite windy”. 
DMI's six-day forecast from Monday.
To qualify for a white Christmas by DMI’s standards, 90 percent of the country needs to be covered by at least a half centimetre of snow. 
With that looking incredibly unlikely, best perhaps the best those of us in Denmark can do is to pour a glass of egg nog and listen to Bing Crosby (note the girl in the Denmark sash over Crosby's right shoulder at the 0:20 mark):

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