Danish court deports Slovakian woman for begging

A Danish court on Wednesday sentenced a Slovakian woman to 40 days in prison and ordered her to be deported for begging on the street, in the country's first ruling of its kind.

Danish court deports Slovakian woman for begging
The woman had been convicted of begging several times before. Photo: Colourbox
“This is the first time a person has been deported from Denmark for begging,” Copenhagen police said in a statement.
The City Court of Copenhagen said in its verdict that the woman had already been convicted several times for begging.
During the trial it had emerged she had come to Denmark “with the sole purpose of supporting herself through begging,” police said.
“It can seem harsh to deport a person for begging for money, but the fact is that begging is illegal in Denmark,” prosecutor Anne Jacobsen said in a statement.
Begging is punishable by up to six months in prison in Denmark if the person has already received one or several warnings from police.