Axe-wielding clown chases Dane as craze spreads

A clown wielding an axe chased a 22-year-old Danish man down a street in Holbæk, Zealand, late on Sunday night, after a weekend of 'creepy clown' sightings.

Axe-wielding clown chases Dane as craze spreads
The killer clown phenomenon has been spreading across Europe. Photo: Vidar Ruud/Scanpix
The “creepy clown” craze exploded in Denmark over the weekend, with more than eighteen new cases of clowns scaring people across the country.
“The 22-year-old was very, very shocked when we spoke to him later that night,” Carsten Andersen, communications manager at Mid and West Zealand Police, told the local TV Øst broadcaster of the axe attack.“It is a completely unacceptable way to behave.” 
Andersen said another 20-year-old man had been frightened on Saturday night when a clown leapt out of some bushes in Holbæk.  A clown was also seen roaming the nearby town of Svinninge.
In southern Zealand there was also a string of clown sightings over the weekend, with one woman attacked by clown at midnight on Sunday in Præstø as she took her dog for a walk. The clown chased her all the way back to her house, where she managed to lock herself in and call the police.  
Men dressed as clowns were also reported roaming in nearby Mern and Næstved. 
“They were not the same,” Søren Østervig of the local south Zealand police told TV Øst. “In Mern it was two young guys in masks who detonated fireworks. In Præstø it was a single person wearing a full clown costume.” 
“They shout and chase people if they get the opportunity, and it makes people really scared,” he said.
The “creepy clown” or “killer clown” phenomenon reemerged in the US this August, and has rapidly spread worldwide, with reported sightings in recent weeks in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Ireland and the Netherlands.