Body parts of dead Danish gangster found in forest

An internal gang conflict is thought to be behind the gruesome murder and dismemberment of a 25-year-old Danish man.

Body parts of dead Danish gangster found in forest
Police said the man's body parts were transferred to a wooded area in Alberstlund via Ikea bags. Photo: Ólafur Steinar Gestsson/Scanpix
The man’s body parts were found in blue Ikea bags in a wooded area in the Copenhagen suburb of Albertslund. According to Copenhagen Vestegn Police, the victim is a member of the Satudarah criminal gang who had previously been reported as missing. 
The case is being kept behind ‘double closed door’, meaning that official information from the authorities has been spares. According to media reports however, the man is thought to have been held captive along with another gang member in a Ballerup apartment for a week, where they were tortured. 
One of the captives managed to get away but the other was found brutally murdered in the nearby forest. 
Tabloid BT has spoken with the victim’s girlfriend, who identified him as Kevin Andersen. 
Two men were arrested and detained in connection with the case but police did not confirm the official charges that they will face. 
“According to the police investigation, we are dealing with murder, false imprisonment and mistreatment but due to the nature of the investigation it is not possible for Copenhagen Vestegn Police to release additional details at this point,” a press release read. 
In a subsequent press release, police asked the public to come forward with any information about “suspicious behaviour” involving the iconic large blue Ikea shopping bags in the Ballerup or Albertslund area. 
“Based on our investigation we can establish that Ikea bags were used in connection to the transport of the corpse. Therefore we’d like to hear from any residents who may have seen something connected to that,” Inspector Charlotte Skovby said. 
According to BT, the motive behind the brutal murder was an internal gang dispute over drug money. 
On an Instagram account believed to be associated with the Satudarah gang, a photo of the victim was posted along with the words “rest in peace”. 

Rest in peace Kevin!. See you on the other side #kevkev #STTS #rip #blackandyellow

A photo posted by Saudarah Copenhagen (@saudarahcopenhagen) on Sep 6, 2016 at 1:21pm PDT

The same man can be seen in a video from Satudarah-associated rapper A’typisk


Denmark to add war crimes to criminal code

Denmark is to give international war crimes a specific paragraph in its criminal code, ending its position as one of the last European countries not to have specific laws on war crimes.

Denmark to add war crimes to criminal code

The government confirmed on Tuesday that it supports a motion by the opposition Socialist People’s Party (SF) to introduce a war crimes paragraph.

“I think it’s important to say first and foremost that war crimes are already illegal in Danish criminal law,” Justice Minister Peter Hummelgaard told news wire Ritzau.

“It is not written in as specific clauses in the criminal law, but all offences that are war crimes are criminal,” he said.

“But with all that said, I think that SF has an important point in saying that the time has now come for us to introduce an independent criminalisation of war crimes. I think that would send out an important message to the world, and especially to victims,” he said.

“I will therefore, when the motion is discussed tomorrow [Tuesday, ed.] say, that the government backs criminalising war crimes independently under Danish law,” he said.

Hummelgaard plans to initiate a committee to look into how laws against war crimes can be written and added to the criminal code.

The committee will also consider whether sentences for war crimes should be higher than existing sentences given from crimes such as murder and torture.