Drunk Swede goes on window smashing streak in Denmark

An “extremely drunk” Swedish citizen went on a windscreen-smashing rampage in the Danish city of Aalborg on Sunday night, local police said.

Drunk Swede goes on window smashing streak in Denmark
The man smashed at least nine windscreens, police said. Photo: Cory Doctorow/Flickr
North Jutland Police received a report of a man smashing the windscreens of parked cars at the old bus station in Aalborg at around 2.30am. 
When officers arrived they found the man attempting to hide behind a vehicle.
“At the location, a 30-year-old man was arrested and identified [by a witness, ed.] as the person who had smashed several windscreens of the parked vehicles,” police said. 
“The 30-year-old man spoke Swedish and was a Swedish citizen but apparently an unknown connection to Denmark. He was extremely drunk and now finds himself at the Aalborg police station,” police wrote. 
Police said that the drunken Swede smashed at least nine windscreens and had also attempted to steal items out of some of the parked cars. 
The police press release said that officers planned to question the man “when he gets sober”. 
Early on Monday, North Jutland Police were in the process of tracking down the owners of the affected vehicles.