Denmark to get year’s ‘last summer weather’

Temperatures could reach as high as 30C by week’s end in what is likely summer’s final hurrah.

Denmark to get year’s ‘last summer weather’
Time for one last trip to the beach? Photo: Thomas Rousing/Flickr
You might want to consider calling in sick on Friday. The Danish Meteorology Institute says that it could be the final chance to experience summer warmth in Denmark for the year. 
After a Tuesday that is expected to top out at 22C, the mercury will rise to levels not seen for weeks. 
“Wednesday, Thursday and Friday look like they will have sunshine for everyone. It can get up to 25 degrees on Wednesday, 28 on Thursday and maybe 30 degrees on Friday,” meteorologist Henning Gisselø told news agency Ritzau. 
While that is certainly welcome news, Gisselø said that a prolonged heat wave is not likely in the cards. 
“I’m afraid it will be the last summer weather for this round. It’s not impossible to get summer warmth in September, but we’d not a lot of things to line up correctly and I can’t see in my crystal ball that it’s going to happen,” he said. 
The meteorologist predicted that a cold front would move in already on Saturday night, bringing daytime temperatures back down to around 20C. 
Summer technically ends on August 31st in Denmark, which uses the meteorological definition of seasons and defines summer as June through August, as opposed to beginning on the summer solstice and ending on the autumnal equinox as in some other countries. 

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