Foreign cops allowed to eavesdrop in Denmark

A Danish lawyer is taking his complaint to the Supreme Court over the decision to allow police in another country to bug a vehicle in Denmark.

Foreign cops allowed to eavesdrop in Denmark
The Copenhagen City Court (pictured) and Eastern High Court have approved the surveillance, now the Supreme Court will weigh in. Photo: Colourbox
Law enforcement in an unnamed other country have been given permission to place hidden microphones in a car that is driving in Denmark, news agency Ritzau reported on Tuesday. 
Both the Copenhagen City Court and the Eastern High Court have approved the surveillance but lawyer Stefan Reinel has appealed to the Supreme Court to weigh in on the legality of the foreign police operation. 
“The question is whether foreign police can carry out audio surveillance in a car on Danish soil. I don’t believe that they can. It’s as simple as that, actually,” Reinel told Ritzau. 
Reinel said that no such powers to foreign law enforcement are granted in the Administration of Justice Act (retsplejeloven) and that Denmark’s opt-out on EU justice and home affairs would preclude such an arrangement. 
The lawyer declined to reveal which country had been granted the permission to bug the vehicle. 
According to Ritzau, it is not yet certain when the Supreme Court will make a ruling on the case. 

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