Roskilde Festival 2016

Young woman dies at Roskilde Festival

Young woman dies at Roskilde Festival
The 2016 edition of Roskilde ends on Saturday. Photo: Torben Christensen / Scanpix
A 20-year-old woman from Copenhagen died early on Saturday after having problems breathing at the Roskilde Festival, Mid and West Zealand Police said in a press release.
A friend sleeping in the same tent noticed that the 20-year-old was having difficulty breathing and along with others helped get the woman out of the tent. They attempted to perform first aid and responders rushed the woman to the hospital. 
“She immediately received treatment but her life could not be saved,” police wrote. 
Police said the cause of the death was still uncertain, but said later on Twitter that “everything points to this being an isolated incident”. 
In a subsequent press release sent just before noon on Saturday, police said that there is nothing to indicate that the woman was the victim of a crime. 
“There have been criminal technicians investigating the tent in which the woman slept. There have also been witness statements gathered from those who are in the area of the tent were the woman was staying in order to create clarity about what happened during the course of the evening and night,” the police statement said. 
The statement concluded by saying that no new information about the cause of death is expected on Saturday.
Festival organizers said that the woman's friends have been offered psychological help. 
“We have taken care of those who were with the woman and ensured that they have had a chance to speak with social workers and psychologists. There are also social workers on the scene now that others can speak with if they have the need,” Christina Bilde wrote in a press statement. 
Mid and West Zealand Police is appealing to all 20-something female guests to let their friends and family know that they are okay.