Experience Denmark the Danish way – by bike

The combination of exercise, culture and nature compressed into a small area makes Denmark the ideal place for a cycling holiday.

Experience Denmark the Danish way – by bike
Denmark's small size and beautiful nature make it ideal for a cycling holiday. Photo: Niclas Jessen/VisitDenmark
Anybody who has ever been to Copenhagen will attest to its qualities as a capital, and with Aarhus recently named the second best tourist destination in Europe, there are plenty of reasons to plan a visit to Denmark soon. 
If Denmark is the destination for your next holiday, it should be experienced the Danish way – by bike.
While you normally would be considered crazy to grab your bike and ride around an entire country, Denmark is really a size that can be biked. The country is also so bike-friendly that you can bring the kids along and still feel safe about it.
There is something liberating about being in the open nature, yet close to everything. Few countries are small enough to bike across, and even fewer have the beauty that Denmark offers in the summertime.
Just ask the Danes themselves. They love their own country so much that two thirds of Danes regularly go on holiday within the country . When they do so it often happens by bike. Despite knowing the country very well, a bike provides the freedom to travel where you want, when you want, and gives you a chance to see things from a different perspective. 
With its beautiful nature, and safe cycling environment, Denmark just makes sense as a biking destination.
Going to a foreign country can sometimes be confusing and scary, but the Danes have a solution for this as well. There are around 11,000 km of marked cycling routes that can be explored. 
And if you miss a sign or for other reasons get lost, don’t worry. Danes are among the absolute best in the world at speaking English as a second language. Simply start speaking English and people will automatically respond in kind. This is yet another factor that makes it easy for travelling, – and living – within the country as a foreigner.
Before heading off there are a few things you should sort out. While the nature, culture, and friendly people are very appealing reasons for going to Denmark, the weather is known to shift quickly so come prepared. Prepared would in this case mean bring clothes for all types of weather, even during the peak summer season. 
Copenhagen's Nyhavn is a prime tourist destination that can be easily reached by bike. Photo: Mariusz Prusaczyk/Scanpix
Copenhagen's Nyhavn is a prime tourist destination that can be easily reached by bike. Photo: Mariusz Prusaczyk/Scanpix
If a bad day should come along and keep you off your bike, there is still loads of stuff to do indoors in the larger Danish cities.
Even with the freedom of getting around by bike, its still wise to make some solid plans to make sure you get all the best of Denmark. One good suggestion could be to travel from Aarhus to Copenhagen by combining biking with the public transportation system, which allows for bikes on trains, ferries and buses. 
In between, you will find Odense, which is mostly famous for being the birthplace of the famous storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. As the third largest city in Denmark, it is certainly worth staying in Odense for a couple of days as well. 
In between the major cities lies the real Denmark which may offer fewer tourist attractions but has no shortage of natural beauty and charming little villages. Visiting the small communities should not be underestimated.
So grab your bike and get going! There are no shortage of options for having a perfect holiday in Denmark, the Danish way.