The adorable toddler video that took Denmark by storm

Over two million Facebook users have watched a video of two nursery children encouraging good behaviour.

The adorable toddler video that took Denmark by storm
TV2's video of the cute kids has been a smash hit. Screenshot: TV2 Nyhederne/Facebook
As part of an initiative to introduce anti-bullying education at the youngest levels, broadcaster TV2 asked two Danish nursery children in Vallensbæk about appropriate behaviour. 
The responses by two-year-old Søren and Lenya have warmed the hearts of Danish Facebook users. An astonishing 2.2 million people (reminder: Denmark’s population is just 5.6 million) have seen the adorable video clip. 
In the video, TV2's interviewer asks the children if it’s okay to bite others. 
“Nooooooo,” responds Søren, wagging his finger at the camera. “You can’t bite because then they will cry.”
“Is it okay to tease?”
“Noooooo,” the kids answer. They become a bit distracted when asked for a reason and instead launch into a game of peek-a-boo (hey, they're only two). 
The short clip then ends with the children making their best happy, angry and sad faces. 
TV2 said that the clip was at one point amongst the most-viewed videos on Facebook globally. 
If you just can’t get enough of young Søren and Lenya, a five-minute version of the video is also available on TV2’s website