Postal service brings back express mail at huge mark-up

After announcing last month that it will completely eliminate first-class letters (A-breve), Post Danmark has made an about-turn.

Postal service brings back express mail at huge mark-up
Post can still be delivered next-day – if you're willing to pay much more for it. Photo: Mads Armgaard/Post Danmark
On Tuesday it announced that it will introduce a new service called ‘Quickbrev’ in order to still give Danish residents the ability to send and receive next-day post. 
“Residents and businesses will still be able to send daily letters. Today, most post can take a few days to reach its destination, but if it is essential that the letter arrives the next day, one can use the new Quickbrev. 
While the new product is exactly the same as the A-breve that was just scrapped, its price is significantly higher. 
A ‘Quickbrev’ will cost 27 kroner ($4.06, €3.63), compared to the current 19 kroner price for a first-class letter. The new product will only be available at post offices and cannot be put directly into a regular mailbox. 
The elimination of normal first-class post came after a political agreement was reached to relax the state’s demands on Post Danmark as the service bleeds money. 
Under the deal, it was agreed that the current B-class letters will become the new standard but their delivery time will be increased from the current three days to five. Additionally, Post Danmark will only be required to deliver mail five days a week rather than the current six and mail will no longer be redirected to summer homes free of charge.