12 Copenhagen transport moments we’ve all had

Are you a relative newcomer to the capital who is a frequent train, bus or Metro traveller? See how many of these you recognize.

Regardless of whether it's the S-Train, the metro or the bus, Copenhagen public transportation holds many delights. So convenient, and yet so expensive! So efficient, and yet you always find yourself waiting 30 minutes for a train on Saturday night.

The Local's Juan Franco, a newcomer to the Danish capital, has spent the last three months learning his way around the city and found the 12 most common experiences foreigners have when using Copenhagen's public transportation. 

1. The moment when the train stops unexpectedly followed by an announcement in Danish, leaving you with no idea what's going on.

Err... What does all that Danish mean? Photo: vladimirfloyd/Scanpix
Photo: vladimirfloyd/Scanpix 

Err… What does all that Danish mean? 

2. The moment you spot a Metro or DSB agent checking for tickets and you don't have one.

How do I explain myself in Danish? Photo: Kalim/Scanpix
Photo: Kalim/Scanpix

I wish I could explain myself in Danish? 

3. The moment you get a phone call in the S-Train “Quiet Zone” and three different people start glaring at you.

Photo: 9nong/Scanpix

Photo: 9nong/Scanpix

Uhh, undskyld?

4. The moment you press the stop button on the bus but there are 25 people between you and the exit.

Like how do I even get to the door. Photo: Michael Vadon/Flickr

Photo: Michael Vadon/Flickr

Errr, how do I even get to the door?

5. The moment you realize you didn’t check out with your Rejsekort – four hours later.

Time to forget the pain. Nope, can't afford it anymore. Photo: Fat Les/Wikipedia
Photo: Fat Les/Wikipedia

Time to forget the pain. Nope, can't afford it anymore. 

6. The moment you get to the bus stop only to see that the next one isn’t due for 30 minutes and you have to wait in the cold.


Now's the time for a hot chocolate. Photo: josfor/Scanpix

Photo: josfor/Scanpix

Where's a hot chocolate machine when you need one?

7. The moment you feel awkward about drinking on the Metro on a Friday night only to realize everyone else does it too.

Making friends has never been this easy. Photo: motointermedia/Pixabay

Photo: motointermedia/Pixabay

Making friends has never been this easy. 

8. The moment you spot a cute puppy on the train but you don’t know if it’s culturally appropriate to go pet it.

How can you resist those eyes? Photo: kpgolfpro/Pixabay

Photo: kpgolfpro/Pixabay


How can you resist those eyes?

9. The moment you are surrounded by 30 six-year olds on a field trip.

You've never felt taller in your life. Photo: greefus groinks/Wikipedia

Photo: greefus groinks/Wikipedia

You've never felt taller in your whole life. 

10. The moment you get to ride in the front seat of the Metro and you feel like you’re on a spaceship.

This is the best day of my life. Photo: Eric Danley/Flickr

Photo: Eric Danley/Flickr


This is the best day of my life!

11.The moment when you make a point to show the bus driver your monthly pass but you’re certain he couldn't care less.

Is this real life. Photo: MTG LION/YouTube

Photo: MTG LION/YouTube

Is this real life?

12.The moment when you’re finally able to land a seat on the Metro.

This has NEVER happened before. Photo: nikolas_jkd/Scanpix

Photo: nikolas_jkd/Scanpix

This has NEVER happened before! 

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