Danish rebel poet held for Aarhus shooting

Yahya Hassan, the 20-year-old Danish poet and one-time political candidate has been arrested, charged with shooting a 17-year-old youth in a foot during a brawl.

Danish rebel poet held for Aarhus shooting
Yahya Hassan campaigning for the National Party in 2015. Photo: Simon Skipper/Scanpix
The controversial Islam critic was sent to remand prison to await his trial, after appearing in court in Aarhus on Monday morning charged for illegal possession of a weapon and “qualified violence”.
According to the police, Hassan fired five shots from a revolver after a brawl broke out at a shopping centre in Aarhus on Sunday night. 
One shot injured the young man, Tolunay Yildizin, in the foot, a wound for which he was treated in hospital before being released later on Sunday night.
“I was there completely by chance at the time he came out of that pizzeria,” Yildizin told Ekstrabladet newspaper. “I saw a fierce-looking  man coming towards me and I was thinking 'who is this?' and  then I saw that he had a gun”. 
A video, shared on the 'Yahya Hassan & de 24 røvere' Facebook page, showed a man, who the page claims is Hassan, bellowing “I will blow them away” and waving a revolver. 
Hassan, a controversial and outspoken figure in Denmark’s fraught debate on Islam and immigration, campaigned for the newly founded National Party in last June’s general election in Denmark. 
He was forced to resign in February after he was arrested for driving under the influence of illegal drugs. 
In 2013, Hassan's poetry book Yahya Hassan, sold more than 100,000 copies making him the country's best-selling debut poet.

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Yahya Hassan skyder ung mand i foden her til aften ! – Yahya Hassan beder drengen om at smide hans telefon, da han bliver taget i at drengen filmer ham med besiddelse af en pistol. Episoden fandt sted i kappelvænget området i Århus hvor Yahya Hassan også igår fik brækket sin næse. . – Forudrettet kommer fra Århus V området og er 17 år gammel, Forudrettet er udenfor livsfare og er blevet udskrevet. Yahya Hassan & de 24 røvere

Posted by Yahya Hassan & de 24 røvere on Sunday, 20 March 2016


Danish poet Yahya Hassan dead at 24

Danish-Palestinian bad-boy poet Yahya Hassan, who stormed on to Denmark's literary scene in 2013 and quickly became a household name, has died aged just 24, his publisher said Thursday.

Danish poet Yahya Hassan dead at 24
Yahya Hassan giving a reading last year. Photo: Ida Guldbaek Arentsen / Ritzau Scanpix / AFP
The exact cause of his death on Wednesday has not been made public but police said they did not believe it was a criminal act.
“Twenty-four years. That's nothing, this is a catastrophe,” Simon Pasternak, head of publisher Gyldendal, said in an Instagram post. “I have known him, since he was 16 years, this brilliant boy with enormous talent.”
Police in Aarhus, the country's second largest city where Hassan lived, told local media that they had responded to reports of the death of a man in his mid-20s.
“Currently there is nothing in our investigation that indicates that this is a criminal act,” police spokesman Jakob Christiansen told newspaper BT.   
Hassan's debut poetry collection was printed in a record 120,000 copies after it was released in 2013, in a country where poetry collections are usually printed in the hundreds.
Writing in all capital letters without any punctuation, he used street slang and blunt word play to deliver a damning indictment of his parents' generation of immigrants who came to Denmark in the 1980s, describing domestic violence, benefit fraud and religious hypocrisy on the Aarhus housing estate where he grew up.
“Yahya insisted on not bending to anyone, he didn't want to be anyone's representative… He wanted to be himself,” Pasternak said.
Many young Danes of immigrant origin disliked Hassan for his negative views on their communities and their religion. In November 2013, he was assaulted in Copenhagen's main train station by a 24-year-old man previously convicted of trying to commit an act of terror.
In November 2019, Hassan released a follow up poetry collection, which like the first was named after himself, also to critical acclaim.
In between, he made headlines more for his rantings, his attempts to enter politics and his dealings with justice than for the quality of his writing.   
In 2016, he was sentenced to one year and nine months in prison for shooting a 17-year-old boy with a pistol, wounding the boy's foot and leg.