Mystery Danish train heroes praised for bravery

In two separate incidents in recent weeks, Danes reacted quickly to stop train-related tragedies, leading to public searches for the everyday heroes.

Mystery Danish train heroes praised for bravery
In one incident, a man stopped a suicide attempt at Copenhagen Central Station. Photo: Michael Button/Flickr
Earlier this month, a 17-year-old girl attempted to kill herself at Copenhagen Central Station by throwing herself of a moving train. Thanks to the immediate and selfless reaction of a nearby young man, the attempt was unsuccessful. 
Police said that a man who does not wish to be publicly identified heroically jumped down onto the train tracks to pull the girl safety just before the train would have struck them both. 
Copenhagen Police put out a press release on Tuesday hoping to get the man to step forward so they could thank him for his selflessness and make sure he was holding up following the harrowing experience. On Wednesday, they said that he had stepped forward but wished to remain anonymous. 
“The man is without a doubt a hero who deserves enormous praise. He also went through a very intense experience and we want to be sure that he is okay,” police assistant Jesper Sørensen said. 
Respecting the man’s wishes, police would only say that he was between the ages of 20 and 30 and was an ethnic Dane. 
While the police succeeded in finding their hero, another woman who had a recent near-miss with a train continues to search for hers. 
A woman going by the pseudonym Anne has shared her story with radio programme P1 Dokumentar with the hope that she can find the man who came to her aid last month when she was nearly killed by a train at Nørreport Station. 
On February 18th, ‘Anne’ was trying to catch a departing train when her coat got stuck in the door. As the train pulled away, she was carried along with it before falling onto the tracks. 
“I was sucked down with an intense power. It was like a vacuum cleaner,” she told P1 Dokumentar. 
Before falling, a man desperately tried to help her free herself from the clutches of the train door.
“It happened in mere seconds. He grabbed ahold of me with everything he had,” she said. 
Although the man lost his grip as the train pulled away, Anne still thinks he made a heroic effort to help, as did others who came to her assistance after she was able to press her body to the edge of the platform until the train pulled away. 
In the drama of the moment, she said she didn’t thank them properly and is hoping that her participation in the documentary will help identify the everyday heroes who came to her aid. The programme is asking anyone who many have been involved in the February 18th rescue at Nørreport to send an email to [email protected] 

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