Danish swimming pool bars asylum seekers

A public swimming pool in southern Denmark has expelled asylum seekers after continued complaints about their behaviour and will now only let them in during special hours.

Danish swimming pool bars asylum seekers
The pool (not pictured here) will now only allow asylum seekers in during certain hours. Photo: Colourbox
The Skærbæk swimming pool near the southern Danish town of Tønder said that it will no longer allow asylum seekers to use the facilities during normal operating hours, TV Syd reported. 
The decision comes after several guests complained that the asylum seekers made them feel uncomfortable through their behaviour. Guests said that the asylum seekers were very loud and also refused to shower before entering the pool. 
Because of the complaints, the pool will now only allow asylum seekers to use the facility during specific hours. 
“There should be room for everybody but there are rules that must be followed. One needs to shower before going in to swim and there are also rules within the pool. They [the asylum seekers, ed.] are not used to managing themselves in a Danish swimming pool,” the pool’s leader, Søren Hansen, told TV Syd. 
Hansen said that he would work with local asylum centre AsylSyd to establish a set of rules for the asylum seekers’ use of the facility. 
“The rules need to be explained an extra time,” he said.