Penguins caught trying to escape Danish zoo

A group of penguins were caught on video trying to make a mad dash from the Odense Zoo.

Penguins caught trying to escape Danish zoo
Their devious plan was foiled by their wet footprints (and their inability to fly). Screenshots: Odense Zoo
The Odense Zoo, which found itself at the centre of a global firestorm over its public dissection of a young lion, is now making the international news again. 
But unlike the last round, this time it’s unlikely to spark angry protests. 
The zoo posted a video to Facebook last week of a group of penguins whose apparent getaway attempt was foiled by the footprints they left in the snow. 

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Har de flugtglade pingvinger fra Madagascar inspireret ZOOs pingviner? 😉

Posted by Odense Zoo on Monday, November 9, 2015

The video shows a zoo employee following the footprints to find five penguins waddling off at high speed. When the employee catches up with them at the end of a hallway, they turn tail and run in the opposite direction.
“What are you guys doing here”? the employee asks. 
In posting the video, the zoo pondered whether the would-be escape artists had been inspired by the film Madagascar, the 2005 animation film that includes a group of wily penguins who want out of the Central Park Zoo in New York. 
The zoo's video has been viewed over 100,000 times and the penguins' getaway attempt has been the subject of articles in the US, UK and Norway, to name a few. 

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Copenhagen Zoo cut Taiwan from panda map to please China

Copenhagen Zoo removed a map showing Taiwan as independent after complaints from China, before getting two coveted pandas on loan, letters leaked to the 24syv radio station have revealed.

Copenhagen Zoo cut Taiwan from panda map to please China
Mao Sun, one of the two pandas romps around in Copenhagen Zoo in April. Photo: Mads Claus Rasmussen / Ritzau Scanpix
“The maps of China and the rest of the world at the panda enclosure are defective,” Chinese officials wrote in a letter to the zoo's management after inspecting yin-yang shaped facilities designed for the bears by star architect Bjarke Ingels. 
The map showing the animal's global distribution had marked the island of Taiwan in a different colour from mainland China, signalling its political independence. 
After receiving the letter, zoo officials removed the map ahead of the delivery of the two pandas, Mao Sun and Xing Er, in April. 
“The Chinese made us aware that they consider Taiwan a part of China,” the zoo told the station.
Bengt Holst, the zoo's scientific director, added that zoo management had tried to sidestep the issue by replacing the sign with another showing the distribution of pandas in mainland China alone. 
“In this way we avoided taking a decision either way. We knew very well that no matter what we did with such a sign, we would come across as political, and we're not interested in doing that, so we made a completely sign to avoid that debate,” he said.