Danish People’s Party wants ‘animal police’

As part of political negotiations over police resources, the Danish People’s Party (DF) is lobbying for an increased focus on animal abuse.

Danish People’s Party wants ‘animal police’
DF wants to speed up police reaction to animal abuse. Photo: Enrico/Flickr
In addition to its well-known anti-immigration stance, DF has always positioned itself as a champion of animal rights. That reputation is sure to be strengthened by its suggestion to have police trained in combating animal abuse. 
“We think it is important to take care of all living creatures and that we get to the bottom of the problem of very long case times within the police and the courts in relation to animal abuse,” DF spokesman Peter Skaarup told TV2 News. 
The party contends that animal abuse is not taken seriously enough by individual police districts and that abusers essentially escape any punitive measures. 
DF said that the best way to ensure humane treatment of animals is to provide more training and education so that officers are better at identifying and responding to criminal offences against pets and other animals. 
Denmark officially banned having sex with animals earlier this year, bringing the country's bestiality laws in line with its neighbours. The Nordic nation has long been a target of international animal rights activists who take issue with its slow response to bestiality, public dissection of zoo animals and the annual pilot whale hunt in the Faroe Islands
DF’s wish to set aside more police resources for its four-legged friends will have to contend with its own demands on using police officers to increase Denmark’s border controls and a police force that is overstretched due to its anti-terror focus. 

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