Key witness in Danish genitalia case murdered

The wife of the Danish man accused of cutting off women’s sexual organs and storing them in his freezer was to be the prosecution’s star witness but now she’s been shot and killed.

Key witness in Danish genitalia case murdered
The woman was killed in Meseru, the capital of her native Lesotho. Photo: OER Africa/Flickr
Just as South African police said that they had made a breakthrough in their investigation of Peter Frederiksen, a Danish man suspected to be behind a string of gruesome mutilations, the primary witness in the case was killed while waiting for a taxi. 
The South African news site Netwerk24 reported that 28-year-old Anna Matsiliso Molise was shot near her home in the Lesotho capital of Maseru on Tuesday. Police have ruled out a robbery as nothing was stolen.
“She died on Wednesday in Lesotho,” South African police spokesman Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi told AFP.  “We did offer her protection, but she refused. She was a key witness, but we still have other witnesses who will come forward.”
The South African news site News24 reported that Molise was shot four times.
“It is suspected to be a hit,” spokesperson Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi told the site. 
Molise was in the process of divorcing Frederiksen and was the one who initially put police on his trail. 
Molise was also reportedly a victim of Frederiksen’s genital mutilation and told police in mid-September that she had been drugged and attacked while unable to defend herself. 
Investigators then found 21 pieces of genitalia in the Dane’s freezer along with surgical tools, anaesthetic and a trove of photos documenting the macabre acts.
Earlier this week, South African police hailed a “preliminary breakthrough” in the investigation, saying that officials had identified some of his victims, which include a seven-year-old girl. Investigators also belive that some of the genitals may come from Danish women. 
Most of the victims however are believed to have come from Lesotho, a small mountainous kingdom surrounded by South Africa.
Frederiksen previously participated in a radio documentary for Danish public broadcaster DR in which he openly detailed performing genital mutilation on his African wife and her friends. 
He reportedly fled from Denmark to South Africa to avoid weapons charges and opened a gun shop in the city of Bloemfontein. 
Frederiksen has been held in police custody for nearly a month and will appear before a judge again on November 4th.
No arrests have been made in Molise's death. 


Copenhagen police lift stop-and-search zone

Police in Copenhagen have announced that stop and search zones put in place following a spate of knife violence in the Danish capital will now be lifted, after no further incidents occurred in the last week.

Copenhagen police lift stop-and-search zone

The stop and search zones (also called “visitation zones”), which were in effect in parts of the Nørrebro and Nordvest neighbourhoods, will not be continued and will expire on Thursday, police confirmed.

Recent weeks have not seen any further incidents, police stated, in reference to a spate of violence that flared in the area at the end of 2022.

When the zones are in effect, police within the zone can stop people and check their possessions without meeting the usual requirements to do so.

The stop-and-search zone was put in place on December 29th in response to five stabbings within a week in Copenhagen. It was extended on January 5th.

At the time, police said they believed several of the stabbings were between young men associated with criminal circles, but that there had been no sign of a conflict between established crime groups.

In Thursday’s tweet, police said that investigations into the incidents were “progressing”. No arrests have yet been made.