‘Wolf selfie’ thrills Danish nature lovers

Wolf sightings have been steadily trickling in over the years, but now a camera trap has captured the first good glimpse of an animal that recently returned to Denmark after a two-century absence.

'Wolf selfie' thrills Danish nature lovers
The wolf photo was released last week. Photo: Naturstyrelsen and Naturhistorisk Museum
Ever since a wolf was spotted in Denmark in October 2012, wolf sightings have become more common and researchers have been working hard to determine just how many wolves are living in Denmark
Cameras set up in the wild have occasionally snapped photos of wolves, but the pictures have always been too dark to get a good look at the predator. 
But the Danish Nature Agency and the Naturhistorisk Museum recently released a ‘wolf selfie’ captured over the summer that gives the best look yet at the newly-returned Danish wolf. 
“A wilderness camera in the mid-Jutland forest this summer captured one of the first, sharpest colour photos of a Danish wolf. It was an adult, thin wolf with a short summer coat that set off the camera’s sensors,” the Danish Nature Agency wrote in a press release. 
Prior to the October 2012 wolf sighting in northern Jutland, a wolf had not been seen in Denmark since 1813. In April, nature researchers were able to determine that there is at least one she-wolf in Denmark, confirming that the wolves have established themselves in Denmark and are not just passing through.
The Danish Nature Agency has stressed that there is no reason to fear wolves as they are not known to act aggressively toward humans. 

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