‘Gypsy boss’ avoids expulsion from Denmark

A 46-year-old Croatian said to be the patriach of ‘Denmark’s most criminal family’ had his planned expulsion from the country overturned by the Eastern High Court on Tuesday.

'Gypsy boss' avoids expulsion from Denmark
"You're speaking with Gimi. The boss of Copenhagen". Levakovic as seen in a clip from a TV2 documentary about his family. Screenshot: TV2
Gimi Levakovic, known in Denmark as ‘the Gypsy boss’ (Sigøjnerbossen), was convicted on charges of having a loading pistol and making death threats by a Næstved court in August and sentenced to 15 months in prison followed by expulsion from Denmark
On Tuesday, the Eastern High Court agreed with the guilty verdict and upped the sentence to 18 months but reversed the lower court’s decision on expulsion. 
The court’s decision was based on Levakovic’s two minor children, for whom he has sole custody. The High Court said that expelling Levakovic would be in violation of the EU’s Convention for the Protection of Human Rights. 
Levakovic became nationally-known thanks to a TV2 documentary entitled ‘The Gypsy Boss and His Notorious Family’ (Sigøjnerbossen og hans berygtede familie). A Roma from Croatia, Levakovic is the head of what for many years has been called ‘Denmark’s most criminal family’ and is the self-declared ‘boss’ of the nation’s Romas.
Levakovic's lawyer said that the impact of an expulsion would be traumatic on his young children. 
“He has been here for so many years. He has two minor children who are Danish citizens who go to school. If he is expelled to Croatia, where they can’t speak the language, they would in all likelihood end up in a school for the mentally handicapped,” Bjørn Elmquist told TV2. 
On Facebook, Levakovic wrote that Tuesday’s ruling was proof that “the system works”. He then claimed that he will star in a new television series on TV3 that would focus on his life as “Boss of Scandinavia”. 
Three members of the Levakovic family have previously been sent back to Croatia for their crimes, which include home robberies, violence and rape.