Tivoli announces new 3-in-1 ride for 2016

The venerable Copenhagen amusement park Tivoli will have a new addition when it opens its doors for the 2016 summer season in the form of the new ride Fatamorgana.

Tivoli announces new 3-in-1 ride for 2016
Tivoli CEO Lars Leibst at the site of the coming attraction. Photo: Agnete Schlichtkrull/Tivoli
Tivoli announced on Thursday that it will invest 50 million kroner ($7.5 million) in the Orient area of the amusement park, including a new 3-in-1 ride that will “satisfy daredevils, tweens and families with small children”. 
The new ride, called Fatamorgana, is a 45-metre tower topped with a minaret-inspired spire that will alter the city’s skyline. The attraction will actually be three rides in one. At the base of the tower will be miniature bumper cars for small children while the main ride will come in two versions: one for the wildest fans and one for the not-so-brave. 
In the fast version, passengers will be seated back-to-back in a circle and slung around with 2.5G force while the ride’s four arms rotate around the tower. In the ‘family edition’ of the ride, two passengers will sit together motorcycle-style and be spun around at slower speeds. 
The ride is being developed by the German company Huss and will be based on its Condor 2G ride, which can be seen in the video below: 
Tivoli’s CEO Lars Liebst called the new ride a “world premiere 3-in-1 attraction”. 
“Some of Denmark's busiest streets pass Tivoli; space is limited, so we have to think out of the box. With Fatamorgana, the Huss factory and our in-house designers have created a ride that gives us three new attractions in one, allowing us to achieve the vital development we need as an amusement park if we are to continue to attract Danish and international visitors,” Liebst said in a press release. 
The head of tourist organization Wonderful Copenhagen said that Tivoli’s new investments will help bring more visitors to the city. 
“It doesn’t just have a big impact for Tivoli but for the whole capital when one of the world’s oldest amusement parks invests in new experiences. It is without a doubt something that will be appreciated globally, both in terms of new visitors and well-deserved attention,” Mikkel Aarø-Hansen said. 
Excitement over the new ride has already spead to the European Coaster Club. 
“As someone from the UK, I am extremely jealous of Denmark for Tivoli Gardens, but it is also why Tivoli Gardens is my favourite park in the world. The new attraction carries on this tradition, appealing to all ages, and is sure to be another success for a park that thrives on tradition,” the club’s president, Justin Garvanovic, said in the Tivoli press release. 
Fatamorgana will sit in the corner of H.C. Andersens Boulevard and Tietgensgade, where the Dragon ride is currently located. It will make its debut on April 5th. 

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Copenhagen’s Tivoli cancels popular Christmas season as lockdown takes effect

Tivoli, a 175-year-old amusement park which is one of Copenhagen’s most famous tourist attractions, has cancelled its hugely-popular Christmas season due to new Covid-19 restrictions.

Copenhagen's Tivoli cancels popular Christmas season as lockdown takes effect
A quiet Tivoli on December 9th. Photo: Nils Meilvang/Ritzau Scanpix

The attraction, where many people normally go in December to enjoy its spectacular Christmas decorations and unique seasonal atmosphere, has chosen to close for the rest of the year as a result of the lockdown in Copenhagen, it said in a statement.

A partial lockdown in Copenhagen and other parts of Denmark, which was announced by the government on Monday and comes into effect today, is the reason for the decision, the statement said.

“Tivoli interprets the government’s and (health) authorities’ message as clearly and unambiguous: We must see each other and meet different people as little as possible until infections are under control, especially in municipalities with tighter restrictions”, the statement read.

Tivoli has been operating under a special booking system since November in a measure introduced to reduce the risk of coronavirus spread.

Although the lockdown does not require outside parks like Tivoli to completely close, all indoors areas would have had to be closed to the public, had the attraction remained open. 

Tivoli is now scheduled to open again for Easter on March 27th, 2021 and is planning an extended summer opening season.

Some of the park’s concert and theatre facilities are still planning to show musicals and other shows from the end of January. The partial lockdown is scheduled to expire on January 3rd.