Danish teen who killed mum ‘inspired by Isis’

UPDATED: A 15-year-old girl who murdered her mother was fascinated by the terror group Isis and viewed online Islamist propaganda including videos of beheadings.

Danish teen who killed mum ‘inspired by Isis’
A selfie posted to the teen's Instagram account. Photo: Instagram
A Danish teenager who admitted to regularly watching jihadist videos online has been sentenced to nine years in prison for stabbing her mother to death together with an Iraqi friend.
Lisa Borch, then 15, and her 29-year-old friend Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdullah were sentenced on Monday for killing Tina Rømer Holtegaard in her sleep by repeated stabs to the chest in October 2014. 
During the girl’s trial, it was revealed that she had become radicalized by watching Islamist propaganda online.
“She has said herself that she sometimes watches Islamic State videos,” prosecutor Karina Skou told AFP. The investigation did not determine which videos from the terror group – alternately known as Isis or IS – the defendant had seen.
On the night she stabbed her mother, Borch had also reportedly been watching videos of beheadings. 
After stabbing Holtegaard at least 20 times, Borch called the police and reported that she had seen “a white man” running from their home in the northern Jutland town of Vissel.
“It can be indisputedly upheld that Lisa Borch during the emergency call pretended to give CPR” in the bedroom “even though she was actually in the workshop,” the district court said in its ruling.
After her mother went to bed, the girl claimed to have been watching TV and admitted to having watched “something with IS” on her mother's iPad.
Asked if the video clips had included IS beheadings, she said she couldn't remember.

When police arrived, prosecutors said that Borch would not pull herself away from her computer and merely pointed upstairs toward her mother’s dead body. 
A forensic investigation found that there had been Internet searches made for mass executions on a laptop belonging to Abdullah, who claimed Borch was responsible for them.

A photo posted by Lisa Borch (@lisaborch) on Aug 31, 2014 at 10:00am PDT

The teen's still-active Instagram account is filled with selfies. 
Prosecutors said that Borch and her Abdullah agreed to kill Holtegaard together but in court both blamed each other for the act.
“Lisa showed him pictures on her phone of guns and machine guns, but that was not something he was interested in,” his testimony read.
However, the prosecutor said Islamic radicalisation “had not been a major theme” in the case.
“It could very well have been someone who was subjected to something cruel,” she said of the video clips.
The 29-year-old Iraqi was sentenced to 13 years in prison, after which he will be deported.
Following Monday’s conviction, Borch’s stepfather has stepped forward to say that the teenaged Dane was obsessed with the terror group. He fears that she will become even more radicalized in prison.
“She loves to talk about IS and their brutal behaviour in the Middle East,” 58-year-old Jens Holtegaard told Ekstra Bladet
“I don’t even dare to think about what might develop while she is serving time. She needs professional treatment,” he added. 
Speaking to tabloid BT, Holtegaard said that his stepdaughter had become “more and more
introverted” in the spring of 2014 but had been denied psychiatric care by the authorities “because Lisa was not sick enough”.
Along with the prison sentences, the two have also been ordered to pay a total of 216,000 kroner in restitution to Borch’s siblings and 254,000 kroner to widower Jens Holtegaard. Borch was also stripped of her right to an inheritance. 
The pair have appealed against the decision to the High Court. 


Danish court jails woman in 4 billion euro money laundering case

A Danish court on Thursday sentenced a woman to jail for attempting to launder nearly four billion euros, the largest case of money-laundering in the Nordic country's history.

Danish court jails woman in 4 billion euro money laundering case

The 49-year-old Lithuanian woman had confessed to the crime in police interviews, Denmark’s Prosecution Service said in a statement.

Between December 2008 and March 2016, nearly four billion euros were funnelled through a series of companies, all of which had accounts in Danske Bank’s Estonian branch.

“This is the largest amount we have seen in a money laundering case brought before a court in Denmark,” special prosecutor Lisette Jørgensen said in a statement.

“The woman had a role in a large money laundering complex built around 40 Danish limited partnerships,” Jorgensen added.

Using her expertise, she “made it possible for the companies to move money around in order to disguise their illegal origins”, the prosecutor said.

According to the prosecution service, two other defendants in the case have also been linked to the companies. 

One is a 49-year-old former Russian citizen who is in custody after she was extradited from the UK in December 2021, and the other is a 56-year-old Lithuanian man living in Denmark.

The Lithuanian woman sentenced Thursday was given three years and 11 months in prison for laundering millions in a separate case. 

Together with Thursday’s verdict, her total sentence is eight years in jail.

Prosecutors also said the case is connected a larger scandal involving Danske Bank, Denmark’s largest.

The bank is still recovering after it became embroiled in criminal investigations in several countries over some 200 billion euros in transfers that passed through its Estonian branch between 2007 and 2015, involving some 15,000 foreign clients, many Russian.

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