Noma to open ambitious Copenhagen ‘urban farm’

Copenhagen restaurant Noma, four times declared the best eatery in the world, will close at the end of 2016 and be reborn as an urban farm, celebrity chef René Redzepi has announced.

Noma to open ambitious Copenhagen 'urban farm'
Noma chef René Redzepi. Photo: Yuya Shino/Scanpix
Denmark’s best-known chef René Redzepi told the New York Times on Monday that he plans to introduce an ambitious new version of Noma in an industrial area near Christiania. 
Redzepi’s new vision is to convert the unused land into an urban farm with Noma at its centre. 
The facility will include a partially floating farm and a greenhouse roof that will be tended to by a full-time farming staff. According to Danish entertainment site AOK, the new Noma will be designed by star Danish architect Bjarke Ingels
Redzepi, 37, told the Times that despite his restaurant winning the Best Restaurant in the World title four times, he thinks its time to shut it down and start anew.  
“We’re just finding our way. Even though it has been successful, even though it has had media attention and all that,” he said. 
The last night of business for Noma in its current format will be New Year’s Eve 2016 before Noma 2.0 reopens later in 2017. Before the urban farm sees the light of day, however, Redzepi and company will temporarily relocate to Sydney, Australia from December 2015 – April 2016. 
Redzepi's full interview with the New York Times can be read here

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Danish Michelin restaurant Noma to open burger bar after pop-up success

Two-starred Michelin restaurant Noma is to open a burger bar in Copenhagen's Christianshavn neighbourhood.

Danish Michelin restaurant Noma to open burger bar after pop-up success
The team at Noma's new burger bar counterpart, Popl. Photo: Popl

The famous Danish restaurant ran a pop-up burger bar earlier this year, after its normal operations were closed down due to coronavirus restrictions. The concept was popular and is now returning for good.

The burger bar, Popl, is pitched as a burger restaurant with a simple menu, inspired by Noma’s pop-up from the summer. The name comes from the Latin, populus, meaning people.

The restaurant’s owner, René Redzepi, told newspaper Politiken that the initial expectation of 300 customers per day for the pop-up burger bar was increased to 1,200 at the last moment.

“We realised how fantastic it was to make something for everyone,” Redzepi said.

The permanent restaurant will have seating as well as offer takeaway, with meat, vegetarian and vegan offerings on the menu.

“Fine dining and Michelin felt a bit dated and wrong once we were able to re-open [after coronavirus lockdown, ed.]. We wanted to make something for everyone. And what does everyone like? Burgers,” the head chef and restaurant owner told Politiken.

The new restaurant will be located at Strandgade 108, the former home of Restaurant 108, which closed this year. It will be staffed by “Noma veterans (from) both front and back of house,” the new restaurant said in a press release.

“This year we have faced some of the biggest challenges ever in our seventeen years of operating Noma, dealing with the effects of the pandemic both at the restaurant and sadly the resulting closure of Restaurant 108, but it also came with a few major highlights. Above all, our summer burger season, when our doors were open for everyone to stop by,” Popl’s statement also read.

The new burger bar is scheduled to open on December 3rd.

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