DF celebrates Swedish nationalists’ rise

Sweden may be back on a path to “normality”, a Danish People’s Party spokesman said on Thursday after the Sweden Democrats topped an opinion poll for the first time ever.

DF celebrates Swedish nationalists’ rise
DF's Søren Espersen, seen here after receiving the royal royal Medal of Merit, said Sweden is "waking up". Photo: Bjarne Luthcke/Scanpix
A poll out in Sweden on Thursday revealed that the Sweden Democrats now have the support of every fourth Swede, the first time ever that the nationalist party has topped an opinion poll. 
In Denmark, the Danish People’s Party – seen as a ‘sister party’ of sorts to the Sweden Democrats – greeted the poll with enthusiasm. 
“The Sweden Democrats largest in a new poll. 26 percent. Hurray! Maybe normality will be reintroduced in the country sooner than expected,” party spokesman Søren Espersen wrote on Twitter. 
Speaking with TV2, Espersen expounded on his tweet. 
“Sweden is an abnormal nation that carries out abnormal policies in comparison to other countries. It is not normal to let 120,000 refugees into your country each year,” he said. 
Espersen went on to say that Swedes may be slowly abandoning “the fantasy world that has dominated the Swedish political elite for many years.”
“It looks like the Swedish people might be waking up,” he added. 
Sweden’s liberal asylum and immigration policies have long been a concern for DF, as an arrangement within Scandinavia allows citizens to move freely from one country to the other without undergoing an immigration process. 
Ahead of last September’s Swedish elections, Espersen warned that the country’s asylum influx was “a big danger” to Denmark
“The many Syrians who are coming to Sweden as refugees will become Swedish citizens in a matter of a few years. And with the agreements we have among the Nordic nations, there is nothing to stop them from then immediately moving to Denmark – without a Danish residence permit – and receiving welfare benefits from day one. It is a big danger,” he told Berlingske at the time. 
The Sweden Democrat party has been gradually rising in popularity since it scored 12.9 percent in the country’s last general election in September 2014.
Some Swedish political analysts said that the party’s historic poll performance could be a direct result of the recent double murder at an Ikea store, in which two people were stabbed to death by an Eritrean asylum seeker.