Danish national jailed for fighting with Isis

A Danish citizen has been sentenced to three years in a Lebanese prison for fighting alongside the terror group Isis.

Danish national jailed for fighting with Isis
An Isis supporter waves a flag in Raqqa last year. Photo: Stringer/Scanpix
A Danish man identified by the initials A.I. was sentenced by a Lebanese court to three years in prison for his connections to Isis, the terror group also known alternately as the Islamic State or IS. 
A.I.’s lawyer, Fawaz Zakaria, confirmed the sentence on Wednesday to the Danish news site 
“He was sentenced to three years in prison for having fought alongside the Islamic State in Syria and for have contributed to an attack in Tripoli in Lebanon that IS was reportedly behind,” Zakaria said. 
The Dane has admitted to fighting with Isis in Syria but denied taking part in the Tripoli attack. A.I. has also previously been associated with the group Jabhat al-Nusra, which is connected to al-Qaeda. 
The Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) estimates that at least 115 Danes have become foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq since Syria's civil war broke out five years ago. Of those, at least 19 were killed in action. 
Per capita, Denmark is the second largest European source after Belgium of jihadist fighters going to the Middle East.