Top Danish restaurant moves to Australia

Noma, one of the world's best restaurants, will be serving a locally sourced menu to Australian diners in Sydney next year.

The Danish restaurant Noma, regarded as one of the world's best, is going Down Under.


Head chef René Redzepi has announced that he and his team will be temporarily relocating from Copenhagen to Sydney in January 2016 for ten weeks.


The Noma team will be leaving all of their ingredients at home, however, as their plan is to create and serve a menu sourced from local Australian produce.


“We’re bringing the entire team, from dishwater to general manager but we’re leaving behind our ingredients in Copenhagen. All we’ll take from out kitchen is an open frame of mind and a passion of learning,” Redzepi said in a press release.


“Australia has always drawn me in; its great cities, its generous people and of course its ever-present sun. But what really boggles my mind is the differences you find in its landscapes and ingredients, because honestly I have never seen anything like it,” he added.


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It is not the first time the restaurant has moved abroad for a short period. In 2012 the Noma team established a pop-up restaurant in London, and in 2014, their destination was Tokyo.


While in Tokyo, the prestigious restaurant had a waiting list of 60,000 people.


The purpose of these short-term relocations is to broaden their understanding of other culinary traditions, recipes and ingredients, according to Redzepi.


“Last year I had the greatest learning experience of my life. By moving our restaurant to Tokyo we opened ourselves to a new library of taste, an awe-inspiring culinary tradition both ancient and diverse (…) We came back to Copenhagen more lifted than ever: with bags of energy and inspiration, and many new friends,” he explained.


Noma held the title of world's best restaurant for three straight years from 2010 to 2012, and took the crown again in 2014.


In June 2015, though, Noma lost the top place in 'World's best' in favour of Spanish restaurant Celler de Can Roca, and instead had to settle with the third place.

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Danish Michelin restaurant Noma to open burger bar after pop-up success

Two-starred Michelin restaurant Noma is to open a burger bar in Copenhagen's Christianshavn neighbourhood.

Danish Michelin restaurant Noma to open burger bar after pop-up success
The team at Noma's new burger bar counterpart, Popl. Photo: Popl

The famous Danish restaurant ran a pop-up burger bar earlier this year, after its normal operations were closed down due to coronavirus restrictions. The concept was popular and is now returning for good.

The burger bar, Popl, is pitched as a burger restaurant with a simple menu, inspired by Noma’s pop-up from the summer. The name comes from the Latin, populus, meaning people.

The restaurant’s owner, René Redzepi, told newspaper Politiken that the initial expectation of 300 customers per day for the pop-up burger bar was increased to 1,200 at the last moment.

“We realised how fantastic it was to make something for everyone,” Redzepi said.

The permanent restaurant will have seating as well as offer takeaway, with meat, vegetarian and vegan offerings on the menu.

“Fine dining and Michelin felt a bit dated and wrong once we were able to re-open [after coronavirus lockdown, ed.]. We wanted to make something for everyone. And what does everyone like? Burgers,” the head chef and restaurant owner told Politiken.

The new restaurant will be located at Strandgade 108, the former home of Restaurant 108, which closed this year. It will be staffed by “Noma veterans (from) both front and back of house,” the new restaurant said in a press release.

“This year we have faced some of the biggest challenges ever in our seventeen years of operating Noma, dealing with the effects of the pandemic both at the restaurant and sadly the resulting closure of Restaurant 108, but it also came with a few major highlights. Above all, our summer burger season, when our doors were open for everyone to stop by,” Popl’s statement also read.

The new burger bar is scheduled to open on December 3rd.

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